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About us

We are United Baptist...

How We Got Started

The 2nd Zion Primitive Baptist Church of Harrisburg, PA, Daisy Street, Harrisburg, PA.
Saturday, May 1, 1965 at 8:00 pm.  A joint meeting of the 2nd Zion Primitive Baptist Church and the Prospect Primitive Baptist Church was called for the purpose of combining the two churches into one.  The minutes from 2nd Zion’s church meeting were read which stated that they had also accepted in a legally called meeting the merger plan and wished to submit two proposed names for the combined churches – “The Unity Primitive Baptist Church” or the “United Primitive Baptist Church”. At this juncture the District Elder called for a motion to unite the two churches as one now known as, "United Baptist Church of PA."

Our Vision


To bring people to Jesus and to membership in his family. To develop them to Christ like maturity.  To equip them for their ministry in the church and their life’s mission in the world.

Come Fellowship

Welcome to the website of the United Baptist Church. A Bible centered, Christ

led church, serving God through Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. We pray that you will find this site informative and encourage you to visit us whenever you are in the Harrisburg area.

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