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Our History

The 2nd Zion Primitive Baptist Church of Harrisburg, PA, Daisy Street, Harrisburg, PA. 
Saturday, May 1, 1965
8:00 pm

A joint meeting of the 2nd Zion Primitive Baptist Church and the Prospect Primitive Baptist Church was called for the purpose of combining the two churches into one.  Elder Frederick Diggs, Pastor of Prospect opened the meeting.  A hymn “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” was led by Deacon Milford Diggs.  The scripture was read by Elder Diggs – St. Matthew 18th Chapter verses 1-10.  Prayer was offered by Deacon Marcus Phillips.  At this time Elder Diggs turned the meeting over to District Elder Scott White Sr.  Elder White asked the two churches what they desired to do.  Deacon Clinton H. Baltimore stated that the two churches wished to combine as one and presented minutes from a combined meeting of the two Deacon Boards which were read and substantiated that both boards had discussed the merger with their respective churches and both churches had agreed on the plan.  The minutes also proposed various names for the combined churches.  The District Elder, called for the reading of the minutes from the meetings held by each church.

Prospect’s minutes were read first by their church clerk.  The minutes stated that Prospect in a legally called meeting had voted to accept the merger plan and had also agreed to submit their choice of name to this joint meeting, “Prospect – 2nd Zion Primitive Baptist Church”.  The minutes from 2nd Zion’s church meeting were read which stated that they had also accepted in a legally called meeting the merger plan and wished to submit two proposed names for the combined churches – “The Unity Primitive Baptist Church” or the “United Primitive Baptist Church”.  At this juncture the District Elder called for a motion to unite the two churches as one.

It was moved by Deacon William Kershaw and seconded by Deacon Clinton Baltimore that 2nd Zion and Prospect be united into one church.  The motion was carried unanimously.

The District Elder then called for a motion on the name for the combined churches.  After much discussion, pro and con, Elder J.V. Reeves, our Vice-Moderator of the Association, commenting on the discussion stated that 2nd Zion being the oldest church should be given preference in the name selection.  This suggestion was accepted by all.  After further discussion it was moved by Deacon Marcus Phillips and seconded by Deacon Clinton Baltimore that the name of the combined churches shall be known as “The United Primitive Baptist Church”.  The motion was carried.

The District Elder, declared this church shall be known from hence forth as the United Primitive Baptist Church.  He then commended the group on their spirit of unity and love.

Remarks by the Vice-Moderator, Elder J.V. Reeves, who stressed that perfect love casteth out fear, commended the church on their combining and stated that it would strengthen all.

The District Elder, told the church that since they had united, they were without a Pastor.  He asked what was their pleasure.  It was moved by Deacon Clinton Baltimore and seconded by Sis. Annie Swanson that Elder Frederick Diggs will be the Pastor of the United Primitive Baptist Church.  The motion was carried unanimously.  The District Elder, cautioned the church on future problems which might arise, but told them prayer and the continued spirit of fellowship and good will which they had shown tonight would carry them through.  Deacon Phillips thanked the officers of the Association present for their assistance.  A rising vote of thanks was given them.  The District Elder turned the meeting over to the Pastor Elder Frederick Diggs, who thanked the church for his election as Pastor and asked for prayers and cooperation of all.  He thanked the District Elder and officers of the Association for their presence and help.  Meeting adjourned.

Distr. Elder – Elder Scott White
Vice Moderator - Elder J.V. Reeves
Clerk – Deacon R.L. Hodge

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