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Legacy of former Pastors

Elder Frederick Diggs

  • 1st Pastor of United Primitive Baptist Church.
  • Always prayed that UPBC would one day build or look for a larger church facility.
  • Served as Pastor for 12 Years.

Elder Leonard C. Rier Sr.

  • 2nd Pastor of UPBC.
  • Started Bible Study Class.
  • Established Church Building Fund.
  • Purchased property at 14th & Walnut Street for building of new church.
  • Was overseer of building project from start to completion.
  • Overseer of name change to United Baptist Church
  • Served as Pastor for 19 years

Elder Leonard C. Rier Jr.

  • 3rd Pastor of UBC beginning in 1995.
  • Established the Church Van Ministry.
  • Purchased the lot at 14th & Shoop Street for additional parking.
  • Church mortgage was burned under his leadership.
  • Had new sound system and video projection system installed.
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